AWS Migration - General Overview


AWS Migration - General Overview

1.         Why is AdPerfect making this change?

AdPerfect is conducting an infrastructure update to improve our systems and services which will change external facing Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

2.         What do I need to do?

Please ensure all 6 current and new IPs, mentioned in the table below, are allowed by any firewalls, whitelists, etc that exist within your network and with your vendors. Once our transition is complete we will ask you to remove the discontinued IP addresses.

3.        When is the deadline for this change?

Email communications were sent out to notify all customer contact email addresses on November 27, 2017 with a deadline provided for December 15, 2017. We will be sending out a reminder email on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 to alert that the deadline is approaching.

4.         Do I need to test anything?

No. We are doing all the testing preparations from our end. If you are interested in having a test executed, please contact our Support team.


Change Overview

1.        What change is AdPerfect making?

AdPerfect will be changing the external facing IPs (Internet Protocol) to prepare for the infrastructure change.

The table below shows the current IPs and the new IPs, all of which need to be allowed and whitelisted.



Current IPs

New IPs



2.        What are the impacted areas?

The only impacted areas will be:

  • Call Center System Integrations where AdPerfect must connect to the newspaper’s or newspaper’s vendor’s systems and there is an IP restriction in place (FTPs, direct server connections, VPN access, API calls, etc)
  • Marketplace DNS A Records
  • Obituaries DNS A Records

3.        Will the AdPerfect DNS host address change?

No. The following host address remains unchanged and should still be used:






4.     How is the DNS A Record affected?

DNS A Records have an explicit link to the current AdPerfect IP and can no longer be used.

To eliminate an A Record:

AdPerfect will reach out to customers who may currently have a DNS A Record in place.

5.         Who should we speak with first to fix connectivity issues?

Please consult with:

  • Your internal IT department (network, security, systems administrator, etc.)
  • The department or vendor that manages your website DNS records
  • The department or vendor that manages your call center integration with AdPerfect

Your IT department can contact AdPerfect Support for further assistance.

6.         What is the impact of this change?

This change will impact integrations into newspaper ad booking systems, and traffic to AdPerfect hosted websites if you currently use a DNS A record. For some customers, this could be high impact if the IP address change is not done by December 15, 2017.

Possible consequences if the IP policy updates are not made:

  • Marketplace webpage not loading / host not found
  • Self-serve ads approved but not appearing the Call Center System
  • Self-serve ads approved but not appearing in print
  • Self-serve ads approved but not being delivered to your vendor website

7.     Can AdPerfect revert back to the old IPs?

This is a required change and cannot be reverted or delayed. All publishers must use the new IPs and must update their systems appropriately.

8.     Will this affect feed deliveries to the AdPerfect FTP?

No. While the IP is changing, all connections to our FTP are via the host URL “” (or ftp or ftp3, etc) and we will take care of routing everyone to the new IP addresses seamlessly.

9.     Will this affect feed deliveries from AdPerfect to your FTP?

It is possible, yes. Please see #5 above.

Please provide all stakeholders with this FAQ.


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