Follow Verification Procedures

BackgroundReport Ordering Process

Once an upsell has been ordered and paid for in our system, we export the order to directly.  We pass:

  • the email address of the purchaser,
  • the type of reports they are purchasing (Employment or Real Estate)
  • and how many reports they have ordered.

BackgroundReport will then setup an account for the email address they receive and assign the reports to that account.  The advertiser will receive an email like this:

Hello <NAME>,

Welcome to!  Your recent purchase for advertising in your local newspaper provides you with the following:

     <# OF CREDITS> Background Report Credit(s)

To use these credits, please log in using the information below

     Temporary Password: <PASSWORD>

Please note that when you place your first order, you will be asked to provide your full name, date of birth, and social security number to authenticate your identity and ensure the privacy and security of both you and your applicants' personal information.

If you were not expecting this email, or did not purchase an ad from your local newspaper, please call us immediately.  Do NOT offer any of your personal identifiers or your applicants' until you are satisfied this request is legitimate.

If you need any assistance, please contact Customer Support using the information below.

Sincerely, Team
Toll Free: 866-903-2504

Account Verification Process

When BackgroundReport gets an email address (new account) for the first time, that account must be verified.  That means the advertiser needs to verify their identify with BackgroundReport before being able to execute a background check on a potential employee or renter.

The verification process has been outlined by BackgroundReport as follows:

For the verification process, the first (and only the first) time a customer places an order with us, they are required to verify their identity.  *They must provide us with their social security number, date of birth, and full name.*  We verify this information, and then ask them a few questions to which only they should know the answer, based on the identifiers they provided (such as: in what county did they live in the year 1986?).  If they answer the questions incorrectly, or if the information they provided doesn't match (for example, if they said their name was John Smith, but verification of the social security number returned the name James Johnson), they receive a message that tells them we were unable to verify them using the online system, and if they call or email us we can assist them in completing their verification over the phone.  Few people fail the verification process online, but it does happen - sometimes people don't remember the information - but it is extremely rare that we can't get them verified over the phone by asking them some additional questions.  We do this verification process to ensure they are who they say they are, and to ensure that we have an audit trail should the individual be attempting to use the service to steal identities or obtain information they have no business knowing.

Once the advertiser has verified their account, they will have access to the reports they ordered and can execute the background checks.  If they are unable to verify their account online, they need to call directly to do so over the phone.  If they are unable to verify their identify at all, they would need to cancel their order and seek a refund from the newspaper. does not refund customers - the payment was taken by the newspaper (via AdPerfect) so the refund needs to be done through the newspaper administrator.