Fraudulent Ads FAQ

What does Marking an Ad Fraudulent do?
Marking an ad Fraud will do two things:
1. Cancel the ad from Running status. (This means it will be removed from any Marketplace hosted by AdPerfect as well cease to Export with a status of Running or Upcoming)
2. This will "flag" the ad as a warning for future ads placed with the same IP

What is used to determine Future Warnings?
Any ad placed with the same IP as an ad marked as Fraud, will display a Warning that other ads from this users IP have been marked as Fraud. This will not automatically mark the ad as Fraud.

You can also set specified Options (fielded data) used to flag for Fraud.

How do I undo marking an ad as Fraud?
If you have marked an ad as Fraud which shouldn't be, you can undo this by editing the ad in question and clicking "Restore".