Handling Ads

Ads are flagged as needing to be "handled" when they have been cancelled by an advertiser via their self-serve account page. These will be indicated at the top of the Ads page, with a link provided to the page where they can be resolved.


To handle the ad(s), click the "Click here to view" link next to the alert message "There are X cancelled ads that have not been handled."

Any ad(s) needing to be handled will then be displayed in a drop-down section below the alert message.

Click the Handle button to accept the advertiser's cancellation of their ad placement.

The Handle button will change to display "Handled!" greyed-out.

NOTE: Whether an ad has been handled or not does not affect the status of that ad. User-cancelled ads will display with a Cancelled status before and after handling.

The reason ads are flagged to be handled by default is that some markets provide refunds when customers cancel their ads.  The handled alert message serves as a notification to admins that a refund needs to be applied, as the system does not do this automatically when an ad is cancelled.

If you don’t want the handled flag to be used, you can disable it by following these steps (provided you have the necessary permissions):

1. Hover over the Config tab and click Publications
2. Click the Publication you want to edit
3. Click Preferences from the left menu
4. Change the Acknowledge Cancel drop-down from Enabled to Disabled
5. Click Save Changes at the bottom
6. Repeat steps 1-5 if there are any other Publications you want to remove the handled flag for