Can I Block Advertisers from Placing Ads?

In short, no.

Our system is designed to not require a login prior to ad placement. Experience has proven advertisers are more likely to complete their ad placement process once they get to the end if they don't have to go through the process of creating an account or logging in first. Even upon logging in, our system will not make a judgement call as to whether the ad is legitimate or not as that requires a "Human Touch".

That being said, there are some preventative measures that can be taken. When you determine an ad as fraudulent, it should be marked as such. This will automatically record the IP Address and the Email Address. Any future ads placed using this combination will be flagged and you will be given a notice immediately that the ad is associated with prior fraudulent ads.

In addition, you can also record advertiser contact or billing information, or an IP address in the Bad Advertisers area for your Publication. This as well will force a flag to be shown on future ads placed with any details recorded there. The Bad Advertisers can be found under Config/Publications/{Publication Name}/Bad Advertisers.